Our Strategy

The team has extensive experience in the Biotech/Medtech/Agri tech industries and brings its knowledge and skills to not only selecting the right investments but also, by contributing its skills to grow the investee companies, to maximise their success. Importantly, the unique structure of BCIF allows it to enter deals, both on making the investment and on the realisation of investment, that would otherwise not be possible.

The Fund maximises return on investment in the Fund by employing five strategies:
• “picking winners” using our screening and selection methodology
• providing continuity of capital to investee companies on achievement of agreed milestones
• providing strategic support for investments, maximising success and reducing time to market
• being tax efficient at evely level, including utilising tax incentives for investee companies and investors available in various jurisdictions
• making and utilising expected and unexpected connections between investments.

The Fund invests in technologies that matter to people, their impact measured by internationally accredited organisations.

The Fund has formed strategic alliances with Big Pharma, medical research institutes, universities and industry organisations to facilitate collaboration and enhance deal flow and exit opportunities for investments.

The team has a highly-desired blend of skills, with experience in Biotech/Health investing and funds management, financial acumen, science, tax structuring and international business development.

No part of this website constitutes an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy any interests in BCIF or any funds managed by BCIF

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